Diane Dunne
Derby, CT 
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I am Diane Dunne and I have been organized for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I remember needing my “stuff” to be in its place.  

Organizing comes very natural to me.  I know how to sort through and decide what is important to hang on to and what can be let go of. When everything is neat and well ordered, it feels great.  I enjoy helping people get organized so  they can feel great too! 

Before becoming a Professional Organizer, I worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist, helping families, couples and individuals through difficult life transitions. I believe that organizing is a similar process; carefully listening to the needs of my clients, assessing the problem and then working out a plan for lasting change. 

Working towards a clutter-free life is not just about "clearing out the stuff". It is about creating new behaviors and routines so that your newly organized space stays that way

When it's time to clear the clutter.........we're "Dunne Organizing" 
"When my life is uncluttered,  I have the time and energy to do the things I love most."
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